Detox Meal Pack 300g
Detox Meal Pack 300g
Detox Meal Pack 300g
Detox Meal Pack 300g
Detox Meal Pack 300g

Detox Meal Pack 300g

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Feeling a little sluggish? About to undertake a new fitness challenge?
Detoxing rids the body of toxins stored that hinders weight loss and stalls your metabolism.

Our Detox Packs are perfect for getting body back to functioning how it should. 


Detox Meal Pack contains the following:
4 meals (300g size) per day/5 days per week.
Minimum 1 week subscription
Invest in 4 week subscription - Save $100 

Chicken Broth Bowl (GF) (DF) (P):
Chicken Broth with Poached Chicken, Zucchini & Ginger.
Macro Information*

37% Fat (10.3g), 61% Protein (38.3g), 2% Carbs (1.6g)

Nourishing Greens Bowl (GF) (DF) (P) (V):
Mix of Sauteed Greens, Raw Shredded Vegetables on a bed of Pumpkin Puree. Topped with Almond Butter & Seeds Mix.
Allergen Statement: Contains Sesame. 
Macro Information*

53% Fat (20.9g), 14% Protein (12.3g), 33% Carbs (28.9g)

Prawn Cucumber & Mint Salad (GF) (DF) (P):
Dressed Cucumber with Spinach, Mint & Pan Fried Prawns. 
Allergen Statement: Contains Shellfish.
Macro Information*
50% Fat (21.1g), 35% Protein (33.1g), 14% Carbs (13.4g)

Poached Chicken & Greens (GF) (DF) (P):
Coconut Poached Chicken on bed a of Sauteed Greens. Topped with Spiced Nut Crumble. 
Allergen Statement: Contains Tree Nuts, Sesame.
Macro Information*
37% Fat (16.6g), 49% Protein (48.9g), 14% Carbs (14.1g)


Nourish Meals by Wilde Kitchen create fresh prepared meals suited to your lifestyle.
100% Gluten Free
Grass Fed Meat
Free Range Eggs
Premium Ingredients
No Preservatives or Processed Foods

**Please note macro information is only an estimate and should only be used as a guide.**

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