Transitioning out of Detox Cleanse into Healthy Nutrition - Part 3 of 4

Once we do all the hard work of taking our body through the intensity of a cleanse/detox it is vitally important which nutrition we begin to put back in.

We don’t know about you but certainly once we’ve done a cleanse, we want to continue reaping the rewards of our optimal health by giving our body continued nutrition that will enhance our health and not give it toxin-based products that will have us feeling ill. Hopefully now that you’ve gone through a body cleanse, whether it has been either something as simple as a quick fasting or gone even as long as a 30-day detox.  You have seen how the body reacts that it begins to repair itself and actually can become rejuvenated.

Let’s Talk About After Detox

Most importantly we cannot stress enough that after doing a detox you do not immediately want to begin consuming junk food or foods high in sugar, fat or items loaded with toxic ingredients.  Maybe even through the detox you learned enough about these items that you would even consider limiting them all together for the health of it.

But if you must indeed begin to bring these items back into your daily diet, we recommend only choosing one item per day and then to monitor how your body is feeling and reacting to them.

We must also caution you on the consumption of alcohol as well, remember you have just brought your whole system through a detox process and now have cleaned all your cells, bringing your body to an optimal health state of being.  Choosing to immediately incorporate your diet with high doses of sugar, alcohol or foods & beverages filled with toxins is almost depleting all the good gains you have just made.

So just be gentle on your system and even your mind as you consciously make your choices.  Whenever possible organic is a healthier decision for your system, as you gain knowledge about the effects toxins have on your body the decision becomes a little easier to make.  Even when sometimes the first thought one has on organic is about the price, well the question comes to mind are we willing to spend our money buying products that will assist in keeping our health abundant or would we prefer to spend our money going to doctors trying to find what is causing dis-ease.

So, as you transition out of cleanse into healthy nutrition keep these key choices in mind:

  • Most important- Don’t immediately go back to eating junk food.
  • Slowly introduce foods back into your diet
  • As you introduce foods back into your diet, monitor how your body reacts/feels.
  • Very important also to keep caffeine at a minimal amount.
  • Limit sugar (3g or less per serving)
  • Keep total fat low.
  • Protein and Vegetable at each meal
  • Watch amount of starches
  • Be aware of toxin content in your food- stay away from processed foods.
  • Whenever possible cook it yourself, then you know exactly how it is prepared.
  • Caution adding alcohol back in

Your body has just gone through a transition to remove all toxicity; don’t defeat all your hard work you have just done because you are having a craving for those unhealthy quick fix snacks.

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