Nourish Meals by Wilde Kitchen is an extension of the food offering developed at Wilde Kitchen located in Teneriffe, Brisbane. 

We are extremely passionate about providing clean, healthy and delicious food to the local community whether that be in house at our cafe or at home with our fresh prepared meals.

Our philosophy is simple - Just Eat Real Food. Our food is prepared using high quality, fresh ingredients with all sauces, sides, coatings, condiments made in house by our chefs. Your meals are not made 10 days in advance, they are made within 24 hours of your collection time. They are not designed to last a week in the fridge, they are prepared to be eaten fresh with maximum nutrients - they way real food should be!

Our meals are 100% gluten & refined sugar free, with many dairy free, paleo and clean eating options.

All meals are prepared at Wilde Kitchen, Teneriffe - Brisbane.



Fresh Produce 

We work with local Brisbane markets suppliers to get locally sourced, high quality fruit and vegetables. Seasonal produce is used where possible to get maximum nutrients in our meals. While our fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality, we don't exclusively use organic produce. There are many factors that contribute to this decision including quality, quantity and pricing for our consumers. Rest assured we are very familiar with the local farmers supplying our produce and are confident they understand the needs our customers. 


Poultry & Eggs
We use what we believe is the best quality and is able to be supplied on a consistent basis. Lilydale and division of Baiada provide a good product and are heavily regulated. Visit the following link for more information.



Our free range eggs are delivered fresh daily from a local farm in Toowoomba. 


Red Meat 
Our local butcher in Fortitude Valley delivers our meat daily and ensures we are getting high quality, grass fed beef, pork & lamb. 

We use Huon Salmon from Tasmania which is ocean farmed. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to source wild caught salmon in Australia without having it imported at a very high price. We work directly with Huon to source what believe is the highest quality available.  To learn more about salmon farming in Australia, visit the following links.

Ethical farming link has Huon Method, Fish Health and Welfare, Life cycle and certification: https://www.huonaqua.com.au/sustainability/ethical-farming/

This link has offshore farming, fortress pen, wildlife protection, stocking density and more room to move info: https://www.huonaqua.com.au/sustainability/future-fish-farming/


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